The Actress


The Actress is a theatre piece on theatre, power and acting.

She arises from the crisis of the actorly body as an intersection of affective/material/corporeal/discursive tensions at stake in the dispositif of theatre.

She presents eight variations on thespian affect, corporeality, gaze, representation, identification, empowerment, and techno(dys)embodiment.

She stages her own impasse.

She escapes.

She uses strategies of re-do, verbatim theatre, and hypomnesic technology to produce mutations and extensions of her body as stage.

She queers.

She reimagines the actor (I) and the absent-present director (Roumagnac) in another possible iteration of labour, agency, artistry, gaze, desire, authorship, ownership and co-constitution of the actor-director relationship in the theatrical apparatus.

The Actress is a collaboration with French/Basque theatre director and researcher Vincent Roumagnac. It was  examined as an artistic part of Outi Condit’s doctoral research on the (dys)embodied politics/poetics of the stage in October 2017 in the Theatre Academy, University of Arts Helsinki.

The Actress was (and will be!) on tour.


Nov 29 2019 The Very First Sensorium of Artistic Research Cyborg ConjoinmentsThe Actress and Her Shadow Nov 2019 Q̶͈̬̿͝l̴̛̬̝̒o̵̰̍̔ǘ̴̼ḓ̷̟̓̅s̷̻̦̆Q̸̠̿͒u̷͓͚͊̽A̸̛̘͝r̷̖͈̀͝ṭ̶̏͘z̶̩̩͛,̶

July 3-7 2019, PSi Calgary 2019 Elasticity

March 16 2019, LMTA Teatro dienos, Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija

October 25-28 2018, Alliances and Commonalities Conference, Stockholm University of the Arts

9-12 June 2018, AVBODY: SYMPOSIUM ON THE AUDIOVISUAL BODY, University of Huddersfield

11-13 April 2018, SAR conference Artistic Research Will Eat Itself, University of Plymouth

22 February 2018, Teatterimonttu, University of Tampere


The Actress//Channelling have been supported by Emil Aaltonen foundation, University of Arts Helsinki, and the Theatre Academy’s Performing Arts Research Centre.

Images header (c) Vincent Roumagnac

Other images (c) Paula Tella

Documentation by Jyrki Oksaharju