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VES Clouds, Gaps, Frictions? Dec 2019

The Very First Sensorium of Artistic Research Cyborg ConjoinmentsThe Actress and Her Shadow Nov 2019 Q̶͈̬̿͝l̴̛̬̝̒o̵̰̍̔ǘ̴̼ḓ̷̟̓̅s̷̻̦̆Q̸̠̿͒u̷͓͚͊̽A̸̛̘͝r̷̖͈̀͝ṭ̶̏͘z̶̩̩͛,̶

Carpa6 Q̶͈̬̿͝l̴̛̬̝̒o̵̰̍̔ǘ̴̼ḓ̷̟̓̅s̷̻̦̆Q̸̠̿͒u̷͓͚͊̽A̸̛̘͝r̷̖͈̀͝ṭ̶̏͘z̶̩̩͛,̶-reopening

 with Vincent Roumagnac and Simo Kellokumpu, September 2019

PSi 2019 Calgary Elasticity The Actress, July 2019

SAR ZürichQQQz project inaugural ceremony performance with Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac, March 2019

Alliances and Commonalities, University of Arts Stockholm. Performance “The Actress”., October 2018


Performance as Network: Arts, City, Culture PSi conference Daegu, South Korea. Lecture performance “RCH 105 – Performing Networks”. July 2018


The Audiovisual Body University of Huddersfield. Performance/exposition “The Actress”. June 2018

The Audiovisual Body

DymaxiCon Helsinki. Lecture Performance “RCH 103 – Performing Power”. 2018.

Artistic Research Will Eat Itself. Society of Artistic Research (SAR) & University of Plymouth. Performance “The Actress”. March 2018.

ARWEI website

Meeting around research practice: Presentation formats in Artistic Research. Vetenskapsrådet symposium, University of Arts Stockholm. Lecture performance “RCH 102 – Performing symposium” Oct 2017.

symposium program

CARPA5: Perilous Experience? –Extending Experience through Artistic Research. University of Arts Helsinki. Lecture performance “Remote control human”. Sep 2017.

Book of abstracts

CARPA5 proceedings

Forum on the Art of Participation, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. Workshop “How does desire guide us?” May 2016.

Curated collection of reflections published in PARtake journal, 2017. 

Audience, Experience, Desire: Interactivity and Participation in Contemporary Performance & Cultural Industries at University Of Exeter.  Paper / Demonstration “Shared Boundaries of Experience”. Jan 2016.