About me



I am a Helsinki-based actor, performance maker, and researcher working across a wide field of theatre and live art. My current work is driven by the notion of destabilizing bodily boundaries as a way of queering and multiplying bodies in/through/as performance. The practice reroutes corporeal actorly understanding and the apparatus of theatre in order to reconfigure bodies, agencies, and politics of “the actor” and “the stage”.  Many of my works have explored performances of power and intimacy, often troubling the divides between performer, performance and audience. More recently my interrogation of power and identity has led me to explore  the performances of virtual, viral, machinic, cyborg, and technomediated bodies, techno(dys)embodiments, and bodies of art that belligerently assemble themselves without clear boundaries between biological, technical, social, poetic and economic spheres.  I am currently doing an artistic doctorate in the Performing Arts Research Centre, University of Arts Helsinki.