Channelling #1

Between you and me

Outi Condit Between you and me Published in Nivel 08 – Poetics of Form, eds. Outi Condit & Liisa Jaakonaho

Powerful Encounters and Framed Intimacies

Published in PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research, vol 1, Issue 2, as part of “Forum on the Art of Participation: A Curated Collection of Reflections, Explorations, and Instructions” curated by Astrid Breel, Hannah Newman, and Robbie Wilson http://scholar.colorado.edu/partake/ Powerful Encounters and Framed Intimacies: Reflections following the Forum on the Art of Participation Participatory performance practices are sometimes deemed relational, in reference to “relational aesthetics” designated by art critic and curator Nicolas Bourriaud in the late nineteen-nineties. But asRead More


. . . In 2019, together with my colleague Simo Kellokumpu, we curated an artistic research event with the title Networked Actor Theory. This brought together artist-researchers with shared interests to rethink the agencies and politics of performing bodies and the networks they emerge from. In 2021 those same artist-researchers come together in a digital publication in which each contribution offers an enthusiastic “yes, and” proposal to what might be considered “writing” in artistic research. . https://nivel.teak.fi/nat/